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Market across Paid, Owned and Earned social media

50% of most web sites traffic is driven by social media

7 out of 10 SEO ranking factors are social signals – Go Socialize.

We help you with the science while you focus on your clients.

Plumlytics Science Team

Our Vision is for you to brilliantly use Science & Analytics to Plan, Execute, and Measure Social Marketing
Precisely target engagement and social ads to grow affinity and sentiment

Now you have the power to search and analyze social media chatter. Target and turn context, sentiment and intent into opportunity across Paid, Owned and Earned Media.

Plumlytics is a predictive analytics based Social Marketing OSTM for people serious about social media marketing.

Until today, robust social listening and analytics tools were only available to big brands and often require comprehensive data analysis to make sense of the information.

Using advanced algorithms Plumlytics helps you predict what customers talk about, what they like, what they are looking for, what is the best time to engage, and holistically discover conversations that grow affinity and sentiment among key audiences.


People are chatting online all the time.

By the time you read this message,
12,237 people have had conversations online about a product or service.

Are you listening?

“When I first learnt about Plumlytics, it sounded like another ‘too good to be true’ social media management solution, but when I got to test drive Plumlytics I was pleasantly surprised. It actually delivers real results” Tammy Johns
“I was frustrated going back and forth between systems to do my brand management, so I researched and found only a few vendors that integrate listening, publishing and engagement. Plumlytics surpassed my expectations! ” Emile Studham

The Science of Social.

Plumlytics helps you unlock key insights through our proprietary sentiment and intent algorithms so you are able to communicate faster and smarter across social channels that matter.

Our goal is to continuously refine our offering through the most advanced scientific techniques available, you benefit from 8 years of research on the subject by leading behavioural and predictive scientists.

Plumlytics Science Team

With Plumlytics, you can zero in on conversations on social media that matter most to your brand at any given moment and in real-time.

Real-time conversational understanding means better human engagement.

We’ve built a suite of features to make it easy for you to listen, publish and engage with your audience.


Predictive analytics

Make real-time decisions based on sentiment, purchase intent and competitive social analysis to ensure that your never miss an opportunity or risk.

  • Understand and anticipate important topics, trends and issues.
  • Continuously measure the effectiveness of your #hashtag and social media actions.
  • Leverage the “always listening” capabilities and interactive analytics.


Powerful, cross-channel publishing

Easy-to-use cross-channel publishing calendar, that includes advanced scheduling functions, makes it easy to publish any content to platforms that matter.

  • Lay the foundation for your social content distribution strategy across social channels with ease.
  • SmartRxTM analytics based multi-time, multi-day frequency based scheduling for highest productivity.
  • Predictive and Performance analytics to give you complete view of how your content is performing.


Fruitful relationships with faster engagement

Create more fruitful relationships with your prospects and customers.

  • Zero in on the people and conversations that matter with superior in-stream real-time analytics.
  • Use advanced search expressions and filters to zero in on conversations that matter to your brand.
  • Leverage key trending topics and #hashtags for effective market reach and engagement.

A robust platform minus the big price tag.


We take care of data science so you can focus on engaging with your community in insightful ways


Our integrated solution saves you time by eliminating the use of multiple platforms to accomplish your goals


We’re transparent with our billing and don’t lock you in with contracts.



/Month/User | Beta Pricing

Compared to $1,500/month for Hootsuite with UberVu.

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Features you’ll love

  • Unlimited mentions – Limited to 10K mention per search during product beta phase.
  • Unlimited social profiles
  • Sentiment analysis in 9 languages
  • Language detection in 59 languages
  • Advocacy analysis
  • Intent analysis
  • 5 saved queries/user
  • 90 days of saved data
  • Enterprise-Class Capabilities: Security, Team, Task, Work-Flow and Projects

We tailor our features to your organization’s needs.

Contact us us now to discuss automation with custom queries to dramatically reduce CPA using our predictive behavioural analytics. Starting at $5,000/month.

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We are only working with our early adopters at this stage.

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